Virtual Reality In Public Safety Command Centers

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Motorola Solutions is working to make virtual reality in public safety a reality for perhaps the not-too-distant future with cutting-edge technology that will give personnel at command centers the experience of being on the ground at incident scenes.

Motorola Solutions recently ran live demonstrations of the new technology at this year’s Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) convention in Orlando, Fla.

The immersive experience that was demonstrated makes use of new, existing and evolving technology including: virtual reality glasses, 360-degree cameras, body-worn cameras, head-mounted displays, drone cameras and eye interaction technology from a startup called Eyefluence.

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Rooftop Rainforest? Hospitality Industry Competes on Technology

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The hospitality industry may have been slow to pick up on some technology trends – looking at you, super-slow hotel WiFi – but it’s been making up for lost time by leading key tech trends instead of following them.

Hotel and resort chains are competing like never before on technology that elevates guest experiences, and some options are truly over the top – the rooftop that is. From robot butlers to, yes, a rooftop rainforest, let’s look at some ways the hospitality industry is stepping up its tech.

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5 Core Wireless Communication Solutions: With Video

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

As wireless communication solutions are constantly evolving, it’s a challenge to keep up with the latest and greatest devices and functionality. While it would be impossible to keep up with every update or product that’s made available, it is worthwhile to conduct an occasional appraisal of your existing systems -- and your current challenges -- to see if a boost, replacement or new investment makes sense. 

To help with your once-over of your equipment, systems and challenges, here are five core wireless communication solutions to keep in mind that you may need to deploy, upgrade or replace. (Bonus: Check out our latest video, below, to find out how Chicago Communications helps companies and agencies meet their comprehensive communications needs.)
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Is Police Presence Improving Campus Security?

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray

Monday, September 12, 2016

As campus security concerns have changed over time across the country, so, too, has the response from education safety officials, including an increased reliance on school resource officers and police. As the number of officers in schools continues to rise, experts on both sides of the issue are still debating whether the increased police presence is improving campus security.

For now, there’s a lack of strong data one way or the other, and most people in the education safety industry will admit that they just don’t know for sure. What they do know is that the number of officers is up: According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the share of schools with a school resource officer increased from 1 percent in 1975 to 40 percent in 2007. As of 2014, there were 31,000 school resource officers employed in public schools nationwide.

More research is under way about the effectiveness of having resource officers and police on campuses. Proponents say the officers protect students, act as mentors, parental figures and psychologists, and improve community relations with police.

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How to Install a Mobile Radio: Video Demonstration

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray

Thursday, September 8, 2016

If you need to know how to install a mobile radio for an upcoming installation  – or struggling with an installation in progress – we've made a video you won't want to miss. In our latest video offering, one of Chicago Communications' expert technicians shows how to install a mobile radio, step by step.

This video joins two other recent installments, including a whiteboard video on how two-way radios work and a video on two-way radio repair. One of our main goals with these videos is to demystify products or processes that are vital to keeping everyone at your department, business or campus in constant contact. The more you understand about how your technology works, the easier it is for you to use, maintain and keep it in great shape.

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Lean Manufacturing: What It Means for Communications

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lean manufacturing and its focus on creating customer value, eliminating waste and increasing efficiency has proven so powerful over time that it’s been applied across everything from education to healthcare to software development. Lean manufacturing has important applications in choosing and maintaining communications equipment and solutions.

Lean Manufacturing is Derived from the Toyota Production System (TPS)

To understand lean manufacturing, what it means for communications and how communications can help drive efficiency, let’s start by taking a quick trip back in time to the turn of the 20th century at Toyota headquarters in Japan, where many of the principles of lean manufacturing were born. Toyota is known for using the method and philosophies of lean manufacturing to transform itself from a small loom-making company to the world’s largest automaker.

In the 1920s, Toyota was a manufacturer of automatic looms, including a novel weaving machine that automatically stopped production when it encountered a problem. That focus on not wasting time and material is the seed of what became the Toyota Production System (TPS), which is what lean manufacturing is derived from.

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Two-Way Radio Repair: Tips and Tricks, With Video

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Two-way radio repair is a fact of life for any company or agency that uses radios as part of their communications solution. Even the best equipment requires maintenance from time to time. And while professional repair and replacement is something you need to budget for, some two-way radio repairs can be made internally by your staff. Following the steps below should clear up the most common problems that occur with two-way radios.

For reference purposes, this blog refers to the parts, features, and functions of the Motorola CP200d and XPR3500 portable radio. For helpful visuals and more details, check out the step-by-step video below.

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Integrating Social Media, Customer Service Is Key in Serving Gen Y

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

For companies looking to build their capacity for social media, customer service may be the best place to start in developing a strategy for social media success.

The answer to the question "what is good customer service?" used to involve very little technology: hiring people with people skills and having the policies to let them make customers happy were the keys to success and could allow a business to outperform the competition. 

But now, customers – in particular, Generation Y customers – are pushing companies to figure out how to win business by keeping people happy in the social media realm, especially given the potential for negative reviews to damage a business's reputation. As many as 60% of customers having a negatively perceived interaction with a company say they're likely to share their displeasure via social media, according to research by Millward Brown Digital. 

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How Two-Way Radios Work: Whiteboard Video

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

For all of you visual learners out there, we’ve got something special: a whiteboard video that demystifies two-way radios, how they work, the five kinds of systems available and what features and functionality your team will come to rely on.

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Why FirstNet Is Taking So Long

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray

Monday, August 22, 2016

Even by February 2013, then-FirstNet Board Chair Sam Ginn was already feeling pressure to move more quickly, as evidenced by his statement after the group’s meeting that month:

“The FirstNet Board has been hard at work now for five months, laying the groundwork for what will be one of the largest telecommunications networks ever built,” Ginn said. “We understand the enormity of our task at hand, and the urgency to get it done as expeditiously as possible. But we want to get it right.”

That was more than three and a half years ago, and people across government, public safety, the wireless industry and the public are still asking why FirstNet is taking so long. The answer is almost as complex as FirstNet itself, but let’s take a look at some of the factors – and why there’s reason to hope.

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