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In the hospitality industry, details matter. Guest rooms must be spotless. Dinner checks need to be delivered quickly and accurately. And nobody enjoys waiting in line. Equip your staff with communication solutions so they can provide superior service on a consistent basis.


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EMS Healthcare Moto


In an aim to simplify processes and reduce overall healthcare costs, our healthcare solutions make it possible to enhance communication systems, track patient progress, and improve responsiveness of healthcare providers.


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EMS Education Moto


Enhance your school’s connectivity, efficiency, safety and security for a better learning environment. With a wide range of communication solutions your staff and students will have greater connectivity and accessibility no matter what the assignment.


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Public SafetyPublic Safety

Give officers the dependable, real-time information they need to stay safe and the tools they need to be more efficient. Keep firefighters safer and commanders more informed with rugged devices for the most demanding situations. Empower command centers and dispatchers to make responders—and cities—safer by capturing and sharing more information than ever.


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EMS Warehouse IMG 6518Manufacturing

Speed up delivery, reduce waste, control costs and improve customer service with technology specifically designed for this industry. From the warehouse floor to product delivery, communication solutions provide access to information in real time and help create a seamless, error-proof work environment.


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Transportation / Logistics

Transportation and logistics are critical components to your enterprise’s productivity. Whether by air, ground or sea, access to real-time data is crucial. With the right communication solutions, you can enhance productivity, profitability and operations.


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Utilitiesdescribe the image

You can respond faster and safer, manage power delivery more efficiently and achieve regulatory compliance more easily when your mobile work crews and distributed assets are connected and visible to each other.    


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