Essential Communication Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray

Thursday, July 23, 2015

With the summer underway, the hospitality industry is booming. School is out of session and vacation time is finally being put to use which is great news for resorts and restaurants. But with this spike in business comes an increase in demand and expectations on the staff. Without the proper communication solutions, slow service could easily turn someone’s vacation or event from something fun and memorable to disappointing and frustrating.

When your business’ success depends on how well you are able to provide a service, you cannot afford to cut corners on communication. Use this guide to learn how these new or updated communication solutions can help your guest have an enjoyable experience.

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Why Faster and Cheaper Aren't Always Better, Even for Hospitality

Posted by Kendra Newlon

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Those charged with maintaining or upgrading the communications system of a busy hotel have their work cut out for them. They're charged with both keeping up with increasing guest expectations when it comes to wireless, and making sure critical staff communications run smoothly. Depending on the size, prior communication equipment, and budget you have to work with, some options may be aesthetically more appealing than others. For example, in a smaller hotel, the upfront cost of using cellular devices can be more appealing than putting down a lot of money for two way radios and other communication devices. Or if you’re in need of a quick fix, ordering communication equipment (two way radios and cellular devices alike) from a website may seem to be the answer.

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THE CONNECTED RESORT with MotoTrbo Applications

Posted by Kendra Newlon

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting the right information to the right person at the right time can mean the difference between a returning guest and a dissatisfied customer; that’s why guest satisfaction is at the top of the priority list for any organization in the Hospitality sector. Rapid response, attention to detail and well-informed staff are key to ensuring the experience is memorable for all the right reasons.

Hotel staff often uses a variety of disjointed independent communication tools such as cell phones, pagers, WiFi phones, paper work tickets and email to stay on top of customer requests. Large facilities and remote areas result in poor coverage, missed notifications and delayed responses to guest requests when it matters most. Furthermore recurring monthly fees and a constant desire to reduce operational expenses has pushed more and more hotels to explore the benefits of two-way radios.

Guaranteed coverage on a private network, durable portable devices, and integration to current building infrastructure systems and guest management systems via data applications make Motorola’s MOTOTRBO an excellent option for hotels of all sizes.

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Getting Ready for National Customer Service Week 2013

Posted by Kendra Newlon

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Update: Learn about our activities for Customer Service Week 2017 here. 

This time of year we begin busily preparing for National Customer Service Week.  It is a week I look forward to every year as it provides a great reminder to all of us as to why Chicago Communications, LLC is in existence – to serve our customers in a way that sets us apart from the rest.  While this is easily said (or written), it is not easily done.  It involves many, many pieces that all must fit together to achieve a goal of this importance and magnitude.  Our products, our knowledge, our customer relationships, our supplier relationships, the technology we use to support the work we do, our ethics, and most of all our employees must all work together to ensure the best possible experiences for our customers.  While every day we work to ensure these pieces are working together to the level our customers expect, it is National Customer Service Week that provides a special focus and recognition to all who help make it happen.

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Two Way Radios are Crucial to Hotel On Magnificent Mile

Posted by Jill McNamara

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

    The Allerton Hotel has been around since 1924, boasting many impressive credentials including its classification as a historic landmark of Chicago and its unique Northern Italian Renaissance architecture. It has a rich history of being one of the city’s most exciting social hot spots, and was originally operated as a club hotel for men. The 26 story historic building consists of 12,000 square feet of meeting and event space in addition to its 443 guest rooms, all of which is made operational by the hotels' 225 employees.

    At any given time there’s about 40 employees using portable radios across the Engineering, Security, Housekeeping, Room Service and Banquet/Event departments. In the hospitality industry, meeting guest's expectations is crucial, so timing and coordination are essential to achieving rapid response times. Communicating instantly and efficiently amongst your staff is critical to providing excellent service and customer satisfaction. Whether it’s getting a guest extra towels to the room or responding to an electrical issue on the roof, the operator stationed at the base station relays the message and dispatches the respective department to respond right away. Two way radios expedite guests’ requests in a timely manner and keep the operations running smoothly on a day-to-day basis.
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6 Ways Instant Communication Helps Hospitality

Posted by Jill McNamara

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

    How Two Way Radios Benefit Hospitality

    In the hospitality industry, timing and coordination are essential. In a given restaurant or hotel, it's not just guests who expect and need more from communication technology - but managers, supervisors, bus personnel, kitchen staff, valet attendants, cashiers, bartenders, security, hosts, custodians and more! Communicating instantly and efficiently amongst your staff is critical to providing excellent service and customer satisfaction.
     Other questions to consider: Do your guests expect housekeeping and food services to be provided within minutes of the request? Do you require multiple talk groups, (housekeeping, maintenance, banquets or security), that need to communicate both together and independently if needed? Take a look at these 6 specific scenarios where two way radios were instrumental in successful hospitality operations.

Scenario #1:

A river rafting excursion company goes on a tour. During their trip down the river, one of the rafters starts to have trouble breathing. The tour leader contacts the tour coordinator by radio and an ambulance is sent to meet the group.

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